DNS Guard

A powerful shield against malicious and unwanted traffic

Our DNS security solution ensures that malicious requests are blocked at the source, preventing threats from reaching your network or endpoints


Requests processed


Requests blocked


Avg. response time

Prevent a DNS blindspot with in-dept metrics

Prevents a DNS blind spot

With DNS monitoring, compromised systems can be quickly detected, providing increased security visibility to protect your organization against potential threats. Don't let DNS put your company at risk.

All DNS queries are actively filtered

Easily enforce content web filtering

Block domains containing unwanted content using multiple categories, as well as create customized add/block lists. Gain full control over which sites your users can access.

Easily installed on any device your want

Deployed everywhere in minutes

A new approach to protect any device at any place in the world from cyber attacks.

View all your DNS queries in-dept

Gain in-dept visibility

By analyzing both incoming and upstream DNS requests, DNS Guard provides comprehensive protection against potential threats. With deeper insight and accurate threat analysis, you can protect your network from malicious activity.

Join our public beta

Stay tuned, DNS Guard is launching soon

We've officially wrapped up our private beta and are now actively onboarding customers for our public beta. As with any beta, there may be bugs present, but we're confident that DNS Guard is ready to deliver powerful DNS security to businesses of all sizes.

Free untill official release

It's free until the official release, giving you the opportunity to experience the benefits of DNS Guard without any cost


Customers who sign up for the public beta will receive a discount for the first six months after official release.

Actively improved

We're actively seeking feedback during the beta phase, so please don't hesitate to let us know how we can improve DNS Guard for you.

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