Your main problems

Not having the right measures in place to counter and instantly respond to cyber attacks.


Current security measurements are not functioning as expected and you are visible to hackers. The hackers are exploiting business software that is also implemented in your organisation.


Your focus is not Cyber Security which makes it hard to improve, since you dont have to knowlegde and/or time to increase the levels of Cyber Security measurements.

Follow up

Hackers will continue attacking you since the implemented measurements do not fit the current problems and challenges in cyber security for your organisation.

Mislead hackers

Mislead hackers

Create traps in your network to catch hackers. Contain them, analyze the attack and follow up. Hackers don't like aggressive reactions. Most importantly: they dont want to get exposed. Our solutions attracts hackers inside your network and interacts with them. It keeps them contained as long as possible and generates information to file reports and improve security measurements.

Don't be the lowest hanging fruit

Hackers tend to attack the easiest targets they can find. By implementing multiple security measurements and answering agressively to hackers, you will become unattractive to attack for hackers.

Don't be the lowest hanging fruit

Secure your network quick and easily

Use our Honeypot as a safetynet when other measures fail