Your main problems

Network breaches happen, but finding out months later is unacceptable.


Misconfiguration of a device or security measurement (a firewall for example) can happen easily. We all are humans after all, mistakes can happen.


Modern firewalls and virusscanners use machine learning and try to recognize patterns. Zerodays will not be detected immediately.

Suspicious traffic

Your network can be explored and exploited without setting off any alarms. Would you feel fine someone could be exploring your house right now?

Don't let them wander around your network

Don't let them wander around your network

Our Honeypot can notify you when it detects traffic which shouldn't be there. It listens in your network and behaves like device which is in use. It looks and behaves like a normal device so anyone can interact with it. Use the information of a detection to block hackers and improve your (existing) security measurements.

Zero days for a zeroday

Zeroday exploits are known to bypass security measurements in an early stage. Those exploits are vulnerabilities which are very new and not known yet. Our Honeypot won't give them a day and creates traps in your network. The interaction with a zeroday exploit will still trigger the Honeypot.

Zero days for a zeroday

Secure your network quick and easily

Use our Honeypot as a safetynet when other measures fail