Your main problems

The need to recover quickly and thoroughly without losing data in the process.


You have discovered a cyber incident in vital systems for your organisation and now your business continuity is at risk. You need to recover quickly from an unknown hack to prevent further downtime.


The hacker has deleted all logs and historical data of the affected servers and left you completely in the dark. There are no insights in the source and/or fingerprint of the attacker left on the infected systems.

Follow up

Recovering from a Hack is overwhelming. Not only do you have to deal with restoring your site to a good working state, you also need to take steps to help prevent a repeated attack on your site, but you don't know where to start.

Know where to start recovery

Know where to start recovery

Hackers often delete their actions and traces. Our Honeypot Software will capture every action of an hacker and saves it in a secure environment. It also tries to fingerprint the attackers details in order to gain insight in the source of the attack.

How does our solution help?

Our Honeypot capture actions and fingerprint of a hacker. It saves the data in our secure Portal for instant review. Generates information can be used to file reports and improve security measures. It helps you to know where to start the process of recovery so vital systems can insure business continuity.

How does our solution help?

Secure your network quick and easily

Use our Honeypot as a safetynet when other measures fail