Your main problems

Network breaches happen in any kind of organisation, but only finding out months later is unacceptable.

Controlling Assets

With controlling the accessibility of assets it's not only important to have the right policies but to also track misuse of passwords.

Managing Employees

With employees coming and leaving, managing their accounts can be a full time job. What if someone still has access?

More and more systems

Companies grow and so does the amount of systems and important assets. Controlling the accesibility can easily become a problem.

Misuse of passwords can easily be detected

Misuse of passwords can easily be detected

Our Honeypot does not only log all of the activity but also gives you insights into the credentials that were used. This helps with finding the source of the breach. Configure your own type of smart authentication for different protocols, get insights into the succesfull and unsuccesfull authentication attempts and use build-in caching so that previous attempts will not be forgotten.

Configure our Honeypot as one of your assets.

By placing multiple Honeypots around your important assets a hackers can easily announce themselve, without being aware. Configure each of the 8 protocols to perfectly mimic any device inside of your network as an extra deceptive Cyber Security measurement.

Configure our Honeypot as one of your assets.

Secure your network quick and easily

Use our Honeypot as a safetynet when other measures fail