Continuous scans

Be notified automatically when a device in your network becomes vulnerable.

Automated pentests

Test the security of your network automatically without an expensive pentester.

Solutions included

Quickly take measures and secure your network by following up included advise.

Register and scan your network for weak spots and vulnerabilities now!

Networks change rapidly so does your Security!

New vulnerabilities become available everyday, leaving your network and company vulnerable. It's impossible to monitor continuously and control every device. Our Network Vulnerability Scanner overcomes this problem.

Our solution enables you to keep your network secure with automatic and periodically vulnerability scans. It's impossible to pay a pentester to test your network everyday. Use our solution for continuous scanning to keep your network secure when you pentest only once a year or when you want to improve your network security.


Detect risks and vulnerabilities to be able to act fast and prevent hacks.

Cost effective

Penetration tests are expensive. Our solution gives you a daily checkup.


Detections will include an advised solution, so you can patch quickly.


No further actions necessary, scans will be executed without any effort.


Receive reports about the vulnerabilities in your network, solutions included.


Use in combination with our Honeypot to detect and prevent hackers.

Combine with our Honeypot

Beside scanning vulnerabilities and weak spots in your network, you want to catch hackers when things go south. Combine our Network Vulnerability Scanner with our Honeypot to act as a safetynet. Learn more