We trap and detect hackers in your network

Hackers and virussess can bypass your firewall, virusscanner and other security measures. Our product can detect and trap hackers when they got inside your network. Waste their time and deflect them to minimalize damage and gather important data about the hacker.

This way you can improve your security measures and use gathered information for business decisions.

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Trap and deflect

A honeypot acts as a normal device like a computer or server in your network, but looks more interesting to hack. When a hacker interacts with our Honeypot, we trap the hacker and keep him busy and interested in our device.

We mimic the behaviour of the device the honeypot represents. Like on a standard server, the hacker can browse files, transfer files, interact with a database and much more. This way we keep the hackers busy and deflect them from trying to hack your real servers.

Trap hackers

Detect hackers

Information and alert

While we keep the hacker busy, we notify you immediately of an event. We gather as much information as possible so you can respond by patching vulnerabilities, closing open ports in your network and more.

The information we gather can be used for many things. You can use it to improve your network security, to find out how to recover systems which are already hacked, proceed with legal actions and raise more budget to improve Cyber Security measures.

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