Secure your customer

Rescue your customer when hackers got through. Create a safety net and secure your customers.

Sell more

Cyber incidents can't be ignored. Your customer needs your time and experience. It will also provide upselling opportunities.

Own your responsibilities

Hosting data and managing infrastructures has a risk. Minimize damage when your customer holds you responsible.

Becoming a partner



One of our Cyber Security Specialists will visit you and get to know you and your company. Our specialist will also show you more about SecurityHive's solutions and the benefits of becoming a partner.



You will receive a free Honeypot to try-out our solution and research how to integrate it within your business. Our specialist is ready to help you.



If the try-out is done and there are no questions left, you will become a Partner of SecurityHive. We will provide you with the necessary information, discounts and list you on our website.

Become a partner today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a partner of SecurityHive enables you to sell our solutions to your customers. It enables you to improve the security of your current customers and opens new oppertunities. We will help you in training your sales and technical employees and share leads. Being a partner of SecurityHive also signals you are actively involved in Cyber Security and securing your customers.

Every potential partner will have a meeting with one of our Cyber Security Specialists. During the try-out but also during the whole partnership, we will help our partners with training their sales and technical staff. A MSP or IT Service Provider can become a partner independently of their knowledge of Cyber Security. SecurityHive values experienced partners you can trust. That is why we continuously help and train our partners and evaluate the partnership periodically.

Our partners install, configure and manage our solutions in their client's environments. They also provide support and respond to detections. A partner may involve SecurityHive when additional knowledge is necessary.

We aim to provide easy to understand and use Cyber Security solutions. There is no Cyber Security experience needed to start. However, we expect our partners to have basic technical knowledge and expect them to be willing to improve their knowledge of Cyber Security with our help.

Our Cyber Security solutions act as a safety net in case preventative solutions like a firewall, IDS/IPS or monitoring fails. Our solutions also integrate with your other Cyber Security solutions and IT software to make easier management and response possible.

You have responsibilities because of managing (and hosting) your client's IT environment. Our solutions will help you to own your responsibilities and minimize damage when things go wrong.